Stanrock Wines

Marlborough, New Zealand


Sustainable viticulture

Sustainable viticulture has been the foundation of our vineyard practices since the outset.

We joined Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand in its early days and became an accredited grower in 2005.

To us, sustainability is the foundation of our philiosophy and underpins all activities on the vineyard, big or small, each growing season.

  • We planted a mixed species permanent grass sward down the rows to prevent soil erosion.
  • Grazing sheep through the winter saves mowing and keeps carbon emissions and soil compaction to a minimum
  • We mulch prunings back to the soil to add organic matter
  • We have invested in a new mower which side discharges the grass cuttings to increase soil organic matter.  It can also operate at higher speeds thus reducing the fuel used to do the job.
  • Canopy management through pruning, shoot thinning and leafplucking reduces disease pressure and minimises spray use
  • We have planted over 700 Alnus Cordata as windbreaks and for bank stabilisation.
  • We have built a retaining wall out of broken vineyard posts to protect stream banks.
  • Nets cover the grapes and reduce bird damage.




2015 Sydney International Wine Competition

Our Stanrock 2014 Sauvignon Blanc wins GOLD 




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